This project is not currently active due to a mixture of factors, including Covid-19.

We hope to restart again soon, but in the meantime the information on this website is out of date.

The Building Crafts & Conservation Foundation

Raising the profile of the conservation industry

We plan to use every opportunity to raise awareness of the remarkable work being done to retain the built heritage by engaging with a wide range of partners and property owners who are working in the heritage field and whose work needs to be recognised.

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Providing opportunities to learn about our built heritage

Our aim is to provide a wide range of opportunities for people to engage at all levels with the built heritage sector, enhance knowledge and understanding and learn essential skills.

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Repairing and restoring the heritage built estate

The result of our degree and other courses will be the restoration of heritage buildings of all types in partnership with their owners, and other partners through the involvement of those taking part in our programmes.

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Why do we need heritage skills?

“There is a need for people with both a necessary high level of craft skill and an academic and theoretical perspective. For too long (at least within our educational system) we have isolated the two from one another to the detriment of the sector. Those who specify and those who repair will develop a greater understanding of one another’s strengths through our programmes.”

Tony Smith

Educational Co-ordinator

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As you can see, we need skilled crafts people in this country. So if you like what we are planning to deliver in our courses and want to hear more, to get involved and to help, click the button below.
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